Established in May 2015 : Muranda Mambo is a transnational Expert Sustainable Energy Production, Supply and Distribution Company as well as services provider. Through our SOLARFIRST and LHP (Low High Power) Divisions, Our specialty lies in the production and distribution of cutting-edge Sustainable Energy solutions. Our new Electric Vehicles (EVs) division from which we will produce and supply EVs, products and accessories is now currently in development. Our wide array of clientele currently consists of hundreds of registered dealers, retailers and sub distributors in South Africa and Southern Africa (Which include amongst several others, The Spar Company’s Build It Group of retailers, The LRB’s Mica and DIY Depot retailers, EST Group of Independant Retailers, Zebbies Lighting Group of Stores etc). Our Head Office and main warehouses are located in Johannesburg (South Africa). We currently have regional branches in Cape Town (South Africa), Durban (South Africa), Nelspruit (South Africa) as well as our International Satellite Offices that are in Lilongwe (Malawi – Satellite Office), Windhoek (Namibia – Satellite Office), Gaborone (Botswana – Satellite Office), Harare (Zimbabwe – Satellite Office), Lusaka (Zambia – Satellite Office), Wolverhampton (United Kingdom – International Satellite Office) and our international branch in Guangzhou (China – International Product Development Branch). The name Muranda Mambo itself stems from the Shona language, which translated into English, will mean Servant King. This accurately depicts our core ethos, that if you want to rise to be the best (King) you need to first become the least (Servant). We therefore aim and continue to acquire Kingship within our business spectrum through a servant-based work ethic towards our broad base of clientele currently spread across Southern Africa. We give God all the praise, glory and honor 🙏


Since the conception of Muranda Mambo, we continue to bring nothing but the finest unmatched products and service to our clients. Our strength lies in the correct and consistent application of our 3 Ps pyramid, (People. Product. Process).


We hire and retain nothing but the finest People to engage our clients with regards to our lines and operations. We solemnly believe that by having the right People on our team, we will perform exceptionally well in reaching our targets, setting new goals and improving our entire operations. We embrace multiculturalism as a strength. We believe having different People from different cultural backgrounds will bring diversity and forward thinking. Our workforce is highly skilled, committed, talented, disciplined and loyal to our company and its vision as well as to satisfying our diverse clientele’s ever changing needs.


The nature of the products we avail to the market is of critical importance. To ensure we manufacture, import and distribute the right (Product) for our clients. We carefully design and vigorously test each product’s strength in each one of the following elements, (Product Quality. Packaging. Pricing). Only after we are completely satisfied with the viability of the Product in line with the above elements will we enlist it for distribution to our clientele. To see the list of our current brands which include our very own inhouse Solarfirst as well as Philips Dictation and Radiant please go to Brands.


Distribution To Dealers

After having selected the right Product. We begin the process of introducing the product into the market. This partly entails having our highly specialised experts (People) travelling far and wide in both South Africa and Southern Africa availing these very best products and services as well as building solid partnerships with our strong, well established and growing network of over 2000 dealers, retailers, agents and sub distributors who have entrusted us to supply our world- class lines to them for resale on a continual basis (Promotion). To our clientele we are not just a number, we are a formidable partner. A true part of their family. We interact and train each and every one of them on a personal level and have come to build rock solid one on one relationships with them. This has greatly helped us to exceptionally understand their marketing mix. In turn we have successfully introduced and grown the right products and services with them. Lines that truly add value to their entire operations. This repetitive (Process) has made us to become the much sought after Expert Distribution Company and Services provider that we are today. To see one of our dealers near you please visit Find Local Dealer.

Distribution To End Users

This is done primarily though our registered dealers at this stage. Plans are however at an advanced stage to introduce our e-commerce website that will cater for our end user market. This will be an exciting, game changing phase of our business.

Aspiring Dealers and Suppliers

To become a beneficiary from our strategy and gain access to our ever expanding network of hundreds of dealers and retailers in Southern Africa, simply apply to Become a Supplier. Alternatively if you are interested in retailing some of our current Brands you can also apply to Become a Dealer and enjoy the benefit of retailing nothing but the very best lines available on the market coupled with our guarantees and highly professional, exceptional service.


  • To become the preferred Expert Sustainable Energy Production and Distribution provider from Africa, World Wide


  • To pioneer the sustainable energy revolution through availing cutting edge technologies that contribute to making our planet greener and more sustainable.
  • To empower our registered dealers, retailers, agents and sub distributors by supplying them with the finest products and services available on the market for retail.
  • To empower our end user clients by availing the latest and most useful products and services from our partners across all regions through our well-established distribution channel consisting of hundreds of our registered dealers, retailers, agents or sub distributors.
  • To empower our partners by greatly improving their efficiency, marketing mix, distribution channel and ultimately turnover.
  • To empower families by creating as many jobs as possible thereby uplifting the families that will work for or with us.
  • To empower communities through development that comes with the work that we carry out in each town and country from where we will operate.
  • To empower nations through our contribution in providing our products and services to their people and the business that is generated thereof which adds to their Gross Domestic Product.
  • To support the less privileged in society through our on going philanthropy and empowerment programs.


  • Honor God.
  • Integrity.
  • Diligence.
  • Unmatched Service.
  • Order.
  • Reliability.
  • Resourcefulness.
  • Innovation.


  • Integrity is better capital than money.


  • The Servant is The King.